DC Drives
DC Drives
DC Drive

We are offering Simoreg DC Master -6RA70 which offers top performance and intelligence along with innovative features. These features give well proven DC technology a new lease of life.There are applications, where DC drives are simply the better drive solution, reason enough for the innovation of DC drives. This is because, depending on the application, DC drives have advantages such as:




Operating characteristics

Efficiency and start-up

It is considered to be the system for all applications. With SIMOREG DC-MASTER, the applications are limitless. The functions, the wide output- and voltage range as well as the unified operator control philosophy provide optimum solutions for an extremely wide range of applications in all industrial segments. SIMOREG DC-MASTER always provides top performance and intelligence, irrespective of whether they are used to supply DC motors or for special applications.

Motors, the muscles of the DC system

SIMOREG DC-MASTER and our motors form an ideal team. Compact Siemens DC motors prove themselves in every application worldwide, where favorably-priced drive technology and highest availability are demanded. These are rugged, have a long lifetime and a high output yield of 0.7 kW to 1550 kW. These motors are available in various combinations of design such as self-ventilated or force-ventilated, with or without fan, in degrees of protection IP 23, IP 54 or IP 55. However, this isn’t enough, our DC motors can be integrated into the automation environment through the motor interface for continuous monitoring, precise diagnostics, effective maintenance and service.

SIMOREG DC-MASTER -the new family

The innovative SIMOREG DC-MASTER product family provides the optimum results for highly-complex drive applications as well as for standard solutions. These have extremely fast control characteristics and their current-and torque rise times are less than 10 ms. This also applies over an output range of 6.3 KW to 2000 KW, for armature and field supplies, as single or four-quadrant drive.

SIMOREG DC-MASTER -the innovations

The output range has been extended up to 10.000 A

Input voltages from 400 V to 830 V

Can be fully integrated into any automation environment

Extremely quick and simple start-up

Modular through and through

The standard version can be expanded to handle high-performance solutions

Extremely simple operator control using a unified operator control philosophy