ET 2005
ET 2005

The ET 200S distributed I/O system is a discretely modular, highly flexible DP slave for connection to process signals on a central controller or a field bus. ET 200S supports field bus types PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO. ET 200S has protection class IP 20.

Applications :

You can connect virtually any number of I/O modules in virtually any combination right next to the interface module that transfers the data to the central controller. You can thus set the focus of your configuration on local requirements. Depending on the interface module, each ET 200S can consist of up to 63 modules – for example, power modules, I/O modules, and motor starters. The fact that motor starters can be integrated (switching and protecting any three-phase load up to 7.5 kW) ensures that the ET 200S can be quickly adapted to suit virtually any processrelated use of your machine. The fail-safe modules of the ET200S ensure the fail-safe reading and output of data tosafety category 4 (EN 954-1)

The ET 200S distributed I/O system is


Can be used with integrated S7-CPU as mini PLC:

Connected to PROFIBUS DP by means of a cable connector for PROFIBUS DP at the IM151-1 or 1M151-1 COMPACT interface module

Connected to PROFINET IO at the IM151-3PN interface module by a plug connector for PROFINET IO Every ET 200S peripheral system

A DP slave on the PROFIBUS DP or

An IO device on the PROFINET

Distributed I/O system to degree of protection IP20 with minimal wiring outlay, also for extremely time-critical tasks such as high-speed closed-loop controls

- also available as fail-safe PROFIsafe version

- with optional lower-level PROFIBUS DP

Discretely-modular design for exact adaptation to the automation task in hand.

Interface modules available with PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET interfaces

Can be combined from digital and analog in/output modules, technology modules, motor starters and frequency converters for the control of drives up to 7.5 or 4 kW.

Exchange of modules during operation (hot swapping), permanent wiring with multi-conductor connection

Channel-specific diagnostics for high availability

Can be supplied with integrated fiber optic interface if required

Transmission rates up to 12 Mbit/s

FastConnect using unstripped quick connection technology, screw or spring-loaded terminals

Ex approval to Cat. 3 for Zone 2 acc. to ATEX100

Slot reservation with spare modules

Fail-safe DI modules with safety-related signal processing according to PROFIsafe

Option handling – for simplest management of machine options