Logo TD
Logo TD

The consistently modular design of LOGO TD makes it extremely flexible. A wide range of modules allows individual expansion of LOGO TD to 24 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs! Communications modules are also available for AS-Interface and KNX (Instabus network for building automation). Now it is also possible to use the analog output module to solve simple closed-loop control tasks. Heating and cooling systems can be designed with the RTD PT100 module using special functions for PI control, ramp response and analog multiplexing.

The technology power supply for demanding solutions

Longer lifetime for connected loads

Less heat dissipation

More compact construction

More functions

Easier installation

Two families to choose from, Sitop Power

These are switched mode power supplies made by Siemens AG, Germany, with excellent aesthetics for smarter look-up. The family includes an entire range from 24V/2A to 24V/40A power supplies (single phase, three phase). With an extremely high efficiency of around 90%, they reduce energy wastage drastically. They open way to the export market as they come with all major certifications including the prestigious CE mark. The CE mark enables these to be sold in the European market.


When it comes to design, reliability, protection and cost-effectiveness, these indigenously developed and manufactured switched mode power supplies stand ahead of the best in the world. With a unique price by performance ratio, Sipower power supplies fit in perfectly for lower power application of single phase 24V/2A and 24V/5A. Sipower is highly suitable for the Indian power/mains conditions, owing to the various protection and safety functions and ability to withstand tough environmental conditions. The economy is ensured by saving upfront cost and running costs due to low price and high efficiency.

Efficient and cost-effective

The high efficiency of up to 90% of the power supplies guarantees considerably less power consumption and distinctly lowers the heat dissipation. This reducing the need of forced cooling. It further results in lower current operating costs without loss in power. The light and compact power supplies eliminate the need of huge panels which further brings down the panel costs.

Extend the lifetime of your equipment

The constant stable 24V output voltage protects modules against over voltage and under voltage in the extended allowable range of variations of the input voltage. This not only improves the operating safety but also ensures a longer lifetime of the modules.

Build in safety with built-in safety

It is owing to the integrated electronic short-circuit protection that has done away with the need of additional fuses in the 24V circuit. A substantial output buffering time ensures a minimum power for some time immediately after a mains power failure. This makes it highly suitable for use with programmable controllers. The power supplies are available in the technical specifications.