Micro Panels
Micro Panels

Siemens Micro Panels TD200


Designed specifically for applications with the SIMATIC S7-200 micro PLC, either with text display (TD) or pixel-graphic display, as operator panels (OP) with membrane keyboard or touch screen (TP).

The user-friendly text display for the S7-200

For control and monitoring

Message text display, intervention in PLC program, setting of inputs and outputs

Direct connection to CPU interface using supplied cable or incorporation into network (also via EM 277)

No separate power supply required

No separate parameterization software required

Addressing and setting of contrast in supplied menu The TD 200 is simply connected to the PPI interface of the S7-200 using the supplied connecting cable. A separate power supply is not required. It is also possible to connect several TD 200 units to one S7-200. The TD 200 features:

Rugged plastics housing with degree of protection IP65 (front): Increased watertightness due to absence of slots for labeling strips

Mounting depth 27 mm: The TD 200 can be mounted without additional accessories in control cabinets or operator panels, or used as a handheld unit

Backlit LC display; readable even under unfavorable lighting

Ergonomically designed input keys, below which are programmable function keys

Integrated interface for connection of cable

Connection for optional power supply: A power supply unit is required if the distance between the TD 200 and S7-200 is more than 2.5 m. PROFIBUS cables are then available instead of the connection cable

Customized labeling strips: The back of the housing has to be removed to mount the labeling strips. This must therefore be performed before the unit is installed


More screen space and extremely good readability thanks to backlit four-line display

Siemens Micro Panels

Customizable operator interface with 15 tactile keys

Acoustic and visual feedback from key operation

Optimal support of the S7-200:

Direct connection to the S7-200 interface via supplied cable

No separate power supply required

Parameterization with STEP 7-Micro/WIN V4 SP6

The TD 400C is connected to the S7-200 using the supplied connecting cable. A separate power supply is not required. It is also possible to connect several TD 400Cs to one S7-200.

The TD 400C has the following:

3.7" STN LCD backlit display: Up to 4 text lines can be configured

Rugged plastic housing in degree of protection IP65 (on front), IP20 (on rear): Increased waterproofing because there are no slots for labeling strips

Installation depth of 31 mm: The TD 400C can be installed in control cabinets or used as a handheld device without any other accessories

Customizable operator interface: The design (colors, pictures, text, etc.) of the operator interface can be individually designed. Configuration is carried out with the Keypad Designer (component part of STEP 7-Micro/WIN)

Configuration of tactile keys: Up to 15 permanently positioned, tactile keys can be assigned numerous functions (e.g. direction keys, messages, Set PLC bit)

Connection for optional power supply:

A power supply is required at a distance of more than 2.5 m between the TD 400C and S7-200. PROFIBUS bus cables are then available in place of the supplied connecting cable.


Touch Panel for operator control and monitoring of small machines and plants

Siemens Micro Panel

Low-cost entry-level product in the category of touch panels with graphic capability and all the basic functions required for simple tasks

Pixel graphics 5.7" STN touch screen (analog/resistive), Blue mode (4 levels)

Specially for SIMATIC S7-200: Communication to the PLC through the integrated interface over a point-to-point link

Connection to the PLC over MPI or PROFIBUS DP cable

SIMATIC TP 177micro is the innovative successor to the Touch Panels SIMATIC TP 070/TP 170micro

5.7” STN display, CCFL1) backlit, Blue mode (4 levels)

Resistive analog Touch

Compact design with small installation depth

Rugged plastic housing

The front is resistant to various oils, greases and standard detergents

Numeric system keyboard for decimal, binary and hexadecimal number formats

On-screen alphanumeric keyboard

Plug-in terminals for connecting a 24 V DC power supply

RS 485 interface for connection of the MPI cable or the PPI adaptor