S7 200
S7 200

The Micro PLC SIMATIC S7-200 is truly in a class of its own: it’s both compact and highly powerful – especially considering its real-time response – it’s fast, features great communication options and comes with easy-to-operate software and hardware. But there’s more; the Micro PLC SIMATIC S7-200 has a compact modular design – for customized solutions which aren’t too large, but flexible enough to be expanded anytime in the future.

All this makes the SIMATIC S7-200 a great choice for open-loop control in the lower performance range. Become one of the thousands of S7-200 customers that constantly benefit from Siemens PLC innovation and lower cost of ownership.SIMATIC S7-200 delivers consistently economical solutions. The entire system family features

powerful performance

optimum modularity

optimum modularity

In addition, the SIMATIC S7-200 programming tools make your job even easier: this Micro PLC is easy to program allowing fast and easy realization of applications – and the add-on software libraries accelerate special function configuration even more. This Micro PLC has been in successful use in millions of applications around the world – in both stand-alone and networked solutions

Open communication

Built-in RS 485 interface with data transmission rates up to 187.5 kbit/s

PPI protocol system bus for trouble-free networking

Freeport mode programmable for userspecific protocols for any peripheral devices

Fast connection to PROFIBUS using the slave module

Powerful connection to AS-Interface using the master module

Communications anywhere using the modem module (for remote maintenance, teleservice or telecontrol)

Connection to Industrial Ethernet via the Ethernet module

Internet connectivity, e-mail, HTTP, and FTP server functionality using the Internet module

S7-200 PC Access – OPC Server for simple connection to the PC environment

Powerful performance

Small and compact – ideal for any applications where space is tight

Basic and advanced functionality in all CPU models

Large program and data memory

Outstanding real-time response – being in total command of the entire process at any time means increased quality, efficiency and safety

Easy-to-use STEP 7-Micro/WIN engineering software – ideal for both beginners and experts

Optimal modularity
A wide range of expansion modules for various functions:

Systems engineering:

5 distinct CPUs in the performance range with comprehensive basic functionality and integrated Freeport communications interface

Digital/analog expansions, scalable to specific requirements

PROFIBUS communication as a slave

AS-Interface communication as a master

Exact temperature measurement


Remote diagnostics

Ethernet/Internet communications

SIWAREX MS weighing module

HMI functions

STEP 7-Micro/WIN software with Micro/WIN add-on instruction library

Compelling systems engineering – now featuring precise dimensioning and optimum solutions for a wide range of different requirements for the complete automation task

STEP 7-Micro/WIN supports even the most complex automation solution with the following user-friendly wizards:

TD 100C, TD 200, TD 200C, TD 400C

PID loops

High-speed counters


AS-Interface Wizard

Ethernet/Internet Wizard

Positioning Wizard

Positioning Control Panel


Data Logging

PID Auto-Tune Control Panel

PTO (pulse outputs)

Recipe management


Modbus RTU

USS protocol