modular mini PLC system for the low and mid-performance ranges

With comprehensive range of modules for optimum adaptation to the automation task

Flexible use through simple implementation of distributed structures and versatile networking

User-friendly handling and uncomplicated design without a fan

Can be expanded without problems when the tasks increase

Powerful thanks to a range of integrated functions


Failsafe automation system for plants with increased safety requirements for production technology

Based on S7-300

Additional ET 200S and ET 200M distributed I/O stations complete with safety-related modules can be connected

afety-related communication via PROFIBUS DP with PROFIsafe profile

tandard modules can be used in addition for non-safetyrelevant applications


The controller for use in the toughest ambient conditions

Features an extended temperature range of -40/-25 °C to +60/70 °C

Suitable for medial exposure (harmful gas atmosphere)

Condensation and increased mechanical stress is permissible

Features the proven PLC technology of the S7-300

Easy to handle, program, maintain, and service

Ideal for use in automotive engineering, environmental engineering, mining, chemical plants, material handling, food industry, etc.

The replacement for expensive custom solutions