Sitop Modular
Sitop Modular

SITOP modular fulfills the highest functionality requirements, e.g. for use in complex plants and machines. The wide-range input allows a connection to almost any electrical power system worldwide and ensures a high degree of safety even if there are large voltage fluctuations. The power boost provides up to three times the rated current for brief periods.

In the event of an overload, you have two options: Constant current with automatic restart or latching shutdown. The innovated power supplies SITOP PSU100M 20 A with 1- phase connection, the SITOP PSU300M 20 and 40 A 3-phase, and the SITOP PSU400M 20 A with a second DC input have even more to offer. Due to their slim design, they are among the most compact units in their performance class. The innovations include the integrated signaling contact for "24 V OK", the extended input range, the high efficiency and 1.5 times the rated current for up to 5 seconds.

Its essential characteristics are :

For demanding applications from 5 to 40 A

DC/DC converter 24 V/20 A for drive and battery networks

48 V/10 A and 20 A enable small cable cross-sections

Compact metal enclosure

No lateral installation clearances required

Wide-range input

Extra power of 150 % for brief operational overloads

Power boost of 300 % for tripping protective devices

Selectable short-circuit response

A soft characteristic can be selected for parallel connection

High efficiency

Operating status on 3 LEDs

Expandable with SITOP add-on modules and DC UPS